Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:


Peggy from California has found a way through our charitable gift annuity program to establish a steady stream of income to support her retirement, as well as, satisfy her desire to help those less fortunate. 

Fred's Story

Fred from Illinois started giving to Sacred Heart Southern Missions just over 24 years ago. It began modestly with the occasional Mass card for a friend or loved one. Later he joined the Auto League.

Victor Short Story

Victor spent most of his life in the great state of New York. Joining the Army at age 18, he served his country during the last year of WWII in the Pacific Theater. 

A Lifetime of Giving

Rose was taught the importance of giving at an early age, and it has stuck with her throughout her life. Rose vividly recalls a lesson she learned at Mass as a young girl. “My mother would always give me a penny to put in the collection basket,” she said.