Your Gifts Make a Tremendous Difference!

Sacred Heart Southern Missions spreads out over the five northern counties of Mississippi (a 2,500 square mile area!) serving some of the poorest of our brothers and sisters in the United States.

Through the generous support of donors, Sacred Heart Southern Missions staffs and funds the programs and work of two Catholic elementary schools providing a proven path out of poverty for more than 500 children, six Catholic social service offices serving over 3000 families each month, including the only ministry in the area to HIV/AIDS patients and their families. Our food pantries distribute hundreds of tons of food each year. We staff a housing program including Dehon Village with 38 single family homes for low-income families whose rent is subsidized by Sacred Heart Southern Missions. Our Social Services department includes an active, nationwide volunteer program which repairs, restores and refurbishes homes of the poor.

The impact of your giving is truly phenomenal. Your “special” planned gift allow us to sustain and continue these vital programs into the future.